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We maintain an ETF of the top 10 emerging cryptocurrencies, backed up by intense research and years of experience. The way investing should be!

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How it Works


Buy $ALT

World’s 1st BSC based tokenized ETF for emerging alt coins. By owning $ALT you will be buying a unit of our ETF which consists of the underlying assets that will be traded


Sit Back

Our Financial experts scout hidden gems and ensure our ETF is risk free and profitable. Just like, fund managers maintain a portfolio of the top 500 publicly listed US companies



We aim to maximize profits leveraging our advanced AI & statistical algorithms. We ensure that our investors get a piece of pie before everyone else. All you need do is hold $ALT!

Love the gains from new coins? But don’t know what to invest in?

Analytica ETF ($ALT) is the world’s first Binance Smart Chain based tokenized ETF fund and aims to provide a solution to this problem.

  • Access to diverse emerging crypto portfolio by holding $ALT
  • Exposure to crypto returns with a broad, limited risk profile
  • No legacy banking fees or expensive fund managers fee.
  • First ETF; Bought with crypto and holds only crypto.
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Our Features

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Buy $ALT

Pre-Sale date TBA. $ALT will be tradable on DEX and later on bigger exchanges.

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Sell or Trade

Sell or trade $ALT at any time by paying 12% buying and exit fees, to maintain ETF holdings.

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Trade with Peace

Security is extremely important for smart contracts and so are our holdings.

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Low risk High reward

Crypto returns with a low risk profile offers a compelling case to retail and institutions.

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iOS & Android app

iOS and Android portfolio management app to control your assets with ease.

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Earn extra income

Monthly dividends, information sheets and reporting structures released to investors.

Pre-sale & Values

Distribution of Tokens

Analytica will open plenty of possibilities for the income while managing risk. Our team has decided to distribute tokens as following; further distribution of the team tokens & Branding and Marketing.

  • 37% Pre-Sale
  • 22% Liquidity
  • 15% ETF Investment Funds
  • 12% Branding and Marketing
  • 10% Team tokens
  • 4% Seed Funding

ICO will Start on

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Project Timeline

*Complete Project Timeline can be found on the page 11 of the Whitepaper

April 2021

Research and Development

Developed the concept; conducted thorough backtests to determine portfolio hyperparameters

May 2021

Digital Currency

Trading system tested and completed. $ALT Pre-Sale and Public Launch on exchanges

June 2021

First Acquisition

Acquisition of coins; On-going marketing and investor relations; First rebalancing procedure.

July 2021

Dividends and Reporting

Monthly dividend, information sheets and reporting structures released to investors.

August 2021

Rebalancing and App

Portfolio rebalance is performed. Analytica ETF portfolio management app and dashboard launch .

The Experts


Monica Grant

Blockchain Expert, 6+ YOE

Dr. Abdul Nasir

Proprietary Trader, 11+ YOE

Sarah Williams

Fintech Expert, 8+ YOE

Romildo Luciano

De-Fi & Blockchain Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Analytica EFT?

    Analytica ETF is a cryptocurrency-only portfolio composed of fund management strategies. The token sale tax funding will be used to buy the underlying cryptocurrency assets and Analytica ETF will hold the top 10 emerging cryptocurrencies by considering multiple factors such as market capitalization, current price, potential, etc.

  • What is the utility of $ALT?

    $ALT is not a platform, it is a fully functioning product and its token value is not based on speculation but rather on the product benefits and net profit of the 10 underlying cryptocurrencies. There are no broker fees or advice fees. Analytica ETF utility token is called $ALT. It can be traded at any time, holdings are fully transparent and there are no legacy banking fees or expensive fund managers. In-short by buying an $ALT you are buying a unit in an ETF.

  • What are the Portfolio hyperparameters?

    Future-proofing: Eventually crypto returns will likely settle and resemble real-world investment returns as the market becomes more efficient, and as altcoins reduce bitcoin market cap dominance. Exchange fees will then be more relevant as they become larger with respect to profits. Predicting the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies is near impossible and remarkably difficult even in established markets with decades of data. The rationale behind an index strategy was previously established – we will now focus on increasing market exposure and decreasing the costs of running such a system.

  • What is rebalancing technique?

    Rebalancing is the act of periodically adjusting a portfolio such that its asset composition reflects the index it aims to track. Rebalancing an ETF fund not only reduces risk but also increases the median return. It is hypothesized that a rebalanced portfolio is likely to provide a greater median return. This means that a rebalanced portfolio is likely to outperform a non-rebalanced portfolio over multiple periods.

  • What is Cap-ceiling technique?

    A hybrid-market cap index strategy protects against a single coin dominating portfolio composition whether it be bitcoin now or another coin in the future. The higher the market cap ceiling the closer the hybrid model emulates a pure market-share model, with a 50% cap being roughly functionally identical to the market-share model. It is hypothesized that a hybrid-market capped portfolio will increase returns and give broader market exposure in comparison to a pure market-cap weighted portfolio due to the greater weighting altcoins will receive.

  • What is Portfolio Selection Criterion ?

    Analytica ETF maintains a diverse portfolio of the top 10 emerging gem cryptocurrencies, backed up by intense research and years of experience. A keen eye is kept on all social media accounts ranging from reddit to twitter, in order to spot out any new coin in the market. An exhaustive research is carried out to verify the legitimacy of a project: thorough inspection of every component of the project's website, analysis of the profiles of team members along with their past work, review of the roadmap to track the progress and deep study of the project's smart contract for any flaws. The potential of any project is judged by deep understanding of their idea, current price and community strength. This deep dataset is provided to the AI models to predict the future price of any coin. After analyzing all these minute details, 10 emerging coins are shortlisted from a pool of thousands of new coins available in the market to create a portfolio of the 10 underlying cryptocurrencies.

  • What is Hyperparameter Summary?

    A portfolio utilizing a hybrid-market cap weighted index strategy that tracks 10 emerging coins with a 15% cap weighting provides broad market exposure with acceptable turnover and mitigates risk by more evenly weighting the tracked assets. The cap also assists in future-proofing the portfolio because a single asset, and thus a single source of risk, is not allowed to dominate. A weekly rebalancing frequency offers an acceptable balance between portfolio turnover and the ability to accurately track the underlying index.

Latest Blog

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  • 12 Feburary - 2022

Cryptocurrencies have grown exponentially since their creation in 2009, with the total cryptocurrency market capitalization currently standing at over $2 trillion.

Over a 10-year investment horizon, more than 80% of large-cap fund managers failed to outperform their benchmark index.

The total market-cap of the US500 was 35 trillion USD while the entire combined cryptocurrency market cap is only a fraction. The US500 is only a small part of the global investment market.

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